Your batteries save lives

450,000 children die each year from zinc deficiency and just one AA battery has enough zinc in it to save the lives of six children. The zinc will be turned into sachets of zinc sprinkles by Zinc and Health, and delivered as a life-saving treatment around the world.

To help, the CCP is collecting new and used batteries on Tuesday and Wednesday (Oct 11 & 12). A collection box will be placed in the CUS Student Lounge.

Every battery saves 6 child lives, so please have a look where you live for any! All collected batteries will be taken to We Day Vancouver, where they will be recycled to make the life saving sachets of zinc sprinkles.

With minimal effort, you can save the lives of many children across the globe. Thank you!

(If you’d like to attend We Day Vancouver with us, we still have space remaining! RSVP at: For more information, view our previous posting:

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