Want a free lunch with a Sauder alumni?

Have you ever wished that you had an opportunity to meet someone in your field of interest in the Vancouver business world? The Alumni Relations committee is looking for Sauder students, in 2nd year and above, who are excellent and professional representatives of Sauder, who are interested in meeting an (Also see the Shopper's Guide to Cancer affordablehealth.info from the NAIC)HomeThis guide contains helpful information for new homeowners and longtime owners as well. alumnus. We are offering an opportunity for 40 students to meet with an alumnus with similar interests to online casino get to know them and ask them questions about their path and career, and anything else you can think to talk about! You’ll be paired with an alumnus for a free lunch. To apply, please submit the attached application form to Erika Szombathy at erika.szombathy@gmail.com by November 28th. We will be contacting potential candidates, who will need to be available for an interview.

Application Form for Students