VP Finance Resignation

As of August 31, 2017, the CUS Vice-President of Finance Andrew Choi has officially resigned from his position on the Executive Council due to personal circumstances. Andrew has been an integral part of the CUS for the past year, and the loss of such a committed and spirited individual is felt throughout the team. On behalf of the CUS, we thank him for his outstanding service to both the CUS and the UBC Sauder Community, and we wish him the best of luck with his future pursuits. The following is a statement from Andrew regarding his time with the CUS:

When I joined the CUS Executive Council team as Vice-President of Finance, I was excited to witness the planned changes and work that CUS President Daphne Tse’s administration will deliver to CUS constituents. The team she had assembled together in all levels of the organization is nothing short of stellar and I am confident to say that many of the issues faced by Sauder students and the CUS organization will be addressed adequately by the procedures and reforms that they will implement.

However, an organization with ambitious goals requires a solid team effort throughout, with certain positions demanding little room for error and a high level of reliability. The Vice-President of Finance is one such position, serving ultimately as every CUS function’s access to resources. This access must not only be sufficient, but timely, and all past successful VP Finances have maintained an unfailing availability to support all CUS members in the process of reimbursements, transactions with third-parties, internal controls, and financial policies.

Throughout my tenure as VP Finance since January 2017, I have been handling a series of personal circumstances, details of which I will not disclose due to their sensitivity, that has greatly hindered my capacity to support the CUS as VP Finance. The hindrances have manifested in the reimbursement, budgeting, and financial control processes, which I view as unacceptable on my part due to the importance of these processes for all CUS operations. My performance will only escalate in importance as the year progresses, and I cannot maintain confidence in my capacity to provide timely support during critical phases of the year amidst all Sauder activities.

In the best interest of the CUS and all students benefiting from CUS services, I regret to announce my resignation from my position as CUS Vice-President of Finance office, effective August 31, 2017. While any premature dismissal can be saddening, the CUS Board and Executive Council believes that now is the best time of year to implement a transition plan before school activities escalate. Prior to my leaving, I will be taking all necessary steps to guarantee a smooth transition for my successor, Associate VP Finance Chantelle Fromager as per the CUS Code of Procedures, and the CUS Finance Commission by providing permanent resources and ongoing support. Chantelle and the Finance Commission are a highly competent team of individuals; CUS constituents can have the utmost confidence that they can fulfill all responsibilities of the CUS Finance Office.

Finally, I’d like to thank the CUS and its constituents for the unique opportunity to serve the Sauder community for these past nine months. I deeply appreciate the learning I have gained and all the people I have gotten to know and hope this same kind of experience will come to all Sauder students this upcoming year.

Best regards,

Andrew Choi