Venture Clinic – Live Case with a Social Impact Business

Tuesday, January 29
6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Scarfe 206
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This isn’t an ordinary case.

2 hours. Real challenges. A real Vancouver enterprise. Your solutions: considered, even implemented in the real world.

What’s a Venture Clinic?
If you’re the kind of person who would like to see your ideas turn into tangible solutions in a real enterprise, then the Social Enterprise Club of UBC has the perfect opportunity for you. As students we know that creating the necessary connections to put your ideas into action can be difficult, but we would like to help. If you enjoy tackling cases, solving problems, or being creative within business, the Social Enterprise Club brings you a new concept called Venture Clinics, a series of interactive live cases with local social entrepreneurs where your ideas matter — and make an impact.
About the Event
On Tuesday the 29th, we will be hosting East of Main, a social-purpose business which funds a Downtown-East Side non-profit. East of Main will present a small group of bright students with a challenge to make their business more efficient and impactful – and you solve it.
ALL of your ideas will be heard and actually considered for East of Main’s future actions. We are bringing you a unique opportunity to network and begin building a relationship with a local social purpose business.
Timeline of the Event
The Venture Clinic event will start with a presentation of East of Main’s daily activities and business model. Then, East of Main will present a series of challenges for students to tackled. Then, teams will analyze and solve these real-life issues.

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