Vancity’s $90K Venture Challenge

For anyone who double-majored in business and humanity.
The Good Money™ Impact Venture Challenge has a top prize of $50k for a student/alumni-run business that looks beyond a single bottom line.
The Good Money™ Impact Venture Challenge (the “Competition”), sponsored by Vancity, is seeking applications by financially sustainable student- or graduate-run businesses that create positive social and environmental impact in B.C.
Vancity has $90, 000 in prize money to award to three deserving finalists on April 25, 2012.
Vancity launched the Competition to accelerate the growth and impact of emerging social ventures; this supports our vision of Redefining Wealth and helps us achieve financial, social, and environmental returns for our members and their communities.
In short, they’re looking for applicants that are students or recent graduates (within 3 years) from B.C. post-secondary institutions. These applicants:
  • Have an ownership stake in a sustainable business, whose revenues are invested in achieving positive social and environmental impacts.
  • Are able to illustrate in their business plan how they can achieve positive financial returns within three years
The Competition has two stages and the application deadline for Stage 1 is Friday, March 16, 2012.  Submission requirements include an 8-page business plan.  Check out for more details!