[UBC Trading Group] Elite Trading Competition

Know a lot about the markets? Time to test your skills!

We are hosting a trading competition that involve the use of a variety of different analytical skills and trading and investing strategies. We encourage both novice and knowledgeable traders to join.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to get experience within the capital markets, test and develop their skills against some of the most savvy investors in British Columbia, and possibly win a top prize of over $1000!

Our Elite Competition is focused on “day” trading and will be hosted on ThinkOrSwim, a platform created in association with TD Waterhouse/Ameritrade. Participants will have at their disposal a live platform with an array of analysis tools. A video tutorial on how to effectively use ThinkOrSwim is available for those unfamiliar with the program.

To register, fill out the form at http://bit.ly/tradcomp_reg, follow the instructions posted, and come to our booth in the CA Hall to pay for the competition. A confirmation will be sent to you shortly after you have paid. For any questions about the competition, please email info@ubctg.com.