UBC Thunderbird Robotics is Hiring

UBC Thunderbird Robotics (UBCTR) is a student-run organization, with members from the faculties of Sciences, Applied Science, Arts, and the Sauder School of Business. It is an umbrella organization, supporting five robotics teams with logistical, financial, marketing, and PR support. We currently work with UBC Electric Car, UBC Snowbots, Thunderbots@Home, Thunderbots FC, and Thunderbots Simulation Team. This list is expected to grow in the future.

During the summer of 2012, UBCTR overhauled its objectives and is now doing even more to support the teams, which include sponsorship, industry relations, and event planning in addition to the previous duties. With these added objectives we are looking for talented, hardworking, and diverse individuals to join our team to help propel the organization forward. This is a great opportunity for students to build or showcase their marketing, event planning, financial management, and/or external relations skills.

Applicants can be from any faculty or program at UBC. No experience in robotics or engineering is required.

Please provide a cover letter indicating your intended position, and a resume highlighting your skills and experience.

To apply, or if you have any questions, please contact Rupin Minhas at minhas.rupin@gmail.com, or Irene Chang at irene.lam.chang@gmail.com. Applications are due October 4th at 11:59pm.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant will be a general role, adapting to the needs of the UBCTR council. Applicants should show their abilities in a number of areas:

–          Being a team player

–          Strong communication skills (especially written)

–          Keen eye for detail

–          Very strong organizational skills

They will be in charge of:

–          Recording detailed minutes for each council meeting

–          Booking & organizing meeting rooms

–          Assisting wherever necessary within the council, as well as logistical support for teams

Time commitment will be about 2-3 hours per week, consisting mostly of council meetings and drafting/sending out of minutes.

Director of Marketing

As UBCTR builds its brand, the Director of Marketing will play a key role in the strategic vision of the organization. As they are essentially a brand manager, this is a great way to build marketing skills and develop a brand from the ground up. Applicants should showcase these skills:

–          Being a team player

–          Efficient delegation to Media Associate & E-Strategist

–          Very strong communication skills

They will be in charge of:

–          Managing overall marketing strategy

–          Deciding on a colour scheme, and theme of promo materials

–          Marketing channel management

–          Overseeing development of a new UBCTR logo

–          Overlooking all marketing operations across all teams to ensure uniformity, and consolidating efforts where necessary

Time commitment will vary, but will be around 4-6 hours per week. The workload will be heavier in the first semester, and lighten beginning in January.

Media Associate

The Media Associate will be a very key position as we rebrand and grow our name on campus and in the North American robotics industry. Applicants for this role should have:

–          Strong communication skills

–          Skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Office, and other media software

–          Creativity

–          Ability to work as part of a team

Their primary roles consist of:

–          Creating a new logo for UBCTR

–          Designing/managing all logos & media for all UBCTR teams, wherever necessary

–          Maintaining consistent and efficient communication with printing & clothing suppliers

–          Creating promotional materials for all teams (including sponsorship package)

This role will require a time commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week. The workload will be more heavily weighted towards the first part of the year. Previous experience (or ability to perform) in the above mentioned software is required.


The E-Strategist will be in charge of raising our online presence. They are a vital part of our strategic plan to raise our brand image and gain publicity. Applicants should show the following skills:

–          Ability to work as part of a team

–          Creativity

–          Website design and management

–          Experience with LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

The primary roles consist of:

–          Designing and maintaining UBCTR website

–          Creating and maintaining UBCTR presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

Time commitment will be approximately 5-8 hours per week into November, and then 1-3 per week December onwards. Previous experience in or ability to design websites and use social media is required for this position.

Director of Events & Operations

The Director of Events & Operations will be a key player as we build on UBCTR’s responsibilities and add events to support team members and gain publicity. Applicants should show the following skills:

–          Keen eye for detail

–          Strong organizational skills

–          Ability to work as a team

–          Willingness to get the job done as quickly and economically as possible

This position consists of the following responsibilities:

–          Logistical planning for events

–          Ensuring events follow strategic goals

–          Enlisting the help of other UBCTR members, wherever necessary

Time commitment will be approximately 2-3 hours per week, rising while planning/running events. The job of deciding which events to run and when will be decided as a council, with major input from the Director of Events & Operations. Previous experience in logistics or event management is an asset, but not required.

Director of External Relations

The Director of External Relations will be our go-to person to achieve our funding goals. They will scout out organizations & corporations, and approach them with proposals to achieve support. This is a demanding (and rewarding) role, for which applicants should show:

–          Very strong communication skills (especially written & verbal)

–          Ability to work as a team

–          Confidence

–          Good organizational ability

The role specifically entails:

–          Corporate relations

–          Media relations

–          Sponsorship acquisition

–          Writing funding applications (with Director of Finance)

Time commitment for this position will be approximately 3-5 hours per week. Previous experience with corporate or media relations is an asset, but not required.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance will be a key partner in achieving our budgeting and financial goals. This is a demanding role which will require the following skills:

–          Keen eye for detail

–          Good organizational skills

–          Being a team player

–          Strong communication skills (especially written & verbal)

–          Have some knowledge/experience in handling a budget*

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that our teams are financially stable. Other responsibilities include:

–          Reviewing all funding applications for teams

–          Writing funding applications for UBCTR (with Director of External Relations)

–          Creating & maintaining of UBCTR budget (including internal audit, where necessary)

–          Liaising and working with each team’s budget officer to ensure uniformity

–          Handling reimbursements

Time commitment will be about 3-5 hours per week. This may rise when funding application deadlines approach, and teams need more support in writing their proposals.

*Previous experience with budget management or application writing is a significant asset, but not required.