UBC Students Offering Support –

Do you need help with school work? Want help with reviewing for exams? Need tutoring with our quality tutors?

Are you a passionate person, seeking to make change in the lives of less-fortunate young people? Do you value sustainability and education? Love to volunteer and give back to the community?

UBC Students Offering Support is here for you!

SOS: Students Offering Support is a charitable sustainable social venture that develops and supports SOS chapters residing within post-secondary schools across the nation. Each University SOS chapter raises money to raise roofs through raising marks during our ‘Exam-AID’ group review sessions, taught and coordinated by student volunteers for university and high school students. Each year, the money raised is spent creating sustainable education projects in developing nations on annual outreach trips. Since 2005, over 700 SOS volunteers have tutored over 7,000 students and raised over $340,000 for various communities in Africa and Latin America.

Student Offering Support (SOS) is an organization that is new to UBC and will be officially launching in September. We are a non-profit charitable organization aimed at helping break the poverty cycle across borders.

We will be holding Exam-AID review sessions for different courses in the upcoming year and all donations from these sessions will go towards creating a sustainable educational institution in Latin America!

Whether you need tutoring help through our Exam-Aid review sessions or want to volunteer for us or are interested in becoming a tutor, we are here for YOU.