UBC International Student Association of Sauder (ISAS): We’re Hiring!

The UBC International Student Association of Sauder is hiring for our 2010-2011 executive team! Are you an international student? ISAS is here to improve your experiences at Sauder and help you to become a global leader. There are a variety of roles available for both international and domestic students and we look forward to build a lifetime relationship with students at Sauder. This is an exciting opportunity to expand your network and develop cross-cultural awareness throughout our events and conferences. We are looking for outgoing, motivated, diverse, resourceful, casino online culturally intelligent and enthusiastic individuals!

The following executive positions are available You are allowed up to three months in a row without coverage in 2014 due to a coverage gap exemption, so if you plan on keeping your plan you technically have until April 1st, 2014 until the fee for not having affordable-health.info will kick in. for hiring:

VP External
VP Finance
VP Careers
VP Marketing
VP Internal
VP Events
Web Marketer
Photographer and Videographer

Application deadline is April 13th at 11:59PM. Interviews will be held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th.  The dress code is business formal. Apply by emailing the president Erica Li limuqing@gmail.com with an updated resume and cover letter. Job Descriptions Available:

ISAS Job descriptions