The Great Pancake Race

The race is a four person relay race. Participants run 12.5 metres across Koerner Plaza while carrying a frying pan with a pancake; they flip the pancake at the half-way mark, and run another 12.5 metres to hand off to their team-mate who then returns in the other direction to hand off to the next team-mate – and onwards it goes.

The race is timed and dropping the pancake means you have to go back to the beginning. Fitness beyond being able to stand upright isn’t a necessity.

Last year, the competition was fierce and a number of UBC senior administrators turned up. The Provost and VP Academic – Dr. David Farrar – will be refereeing again this year. And this year’s organizing committee is tightening up the race by standardizing frying pan sizes. Complaints were made, committees were struck, and consensus has been achieved. Regulation sized pancakes will now be issued for each heat.

Most importantly, what do you get if you win!
* Your team name on the perpetual trophy (no pressure, but there are some pretty good team names out there – “Those Flipp’in FoGs People (The Faculty of Graduate Studies)”, “The Sauder HotCakes” (Sauder MBA Office), and more….”The Space Cases” (Classroom Services) are the 2009 champions.
* A 19″ flat screen TV for each participant on the winning team (now you’re interested) – thanks to VANOC
* Bragging rights – at UBC – this is what it’s all about people

* There are also prizes for the second and third teams and BEST COSTUME – make sure it’s something you can throw an apron over.

Details and registration at or email with your team name and participants.

Registration is $20 per team of 4. Race is open to students, staff and faculty of UBC.

All proceeds will go to the UBC United Way Campaign.

Please circulate far and wide to as many UBC’ers in your network. We also need audience members and volunteers!!! (Folks who would like to volunteer can email

Raise Awareness. Celebrate your UBC Community. BATTER UP!!