Teaching Excellence Award Nominations 2011

Term One professor nomination forms are now available! Nominate your favourite professor for the Teaching Excellence Award given out by the CUS. Marc-David Seidel (2011), David Bentall (2010), and Irfhan Rawji (2009) have been recipients of the Teaching Excellence Award within the last three years, and are therefore NOT eligible for the award this year. Nomination forms MUST be handed in no later than 5pm on Monday, November 21, 2011!

The Teaching Excellence Award is a great way to recognize the professors, who are providing the unique Sauder experience in the classroom and create amazing learning opportunities for students.

Here is some important information to nominate a professor:

1. Fill out a nomination form (attached) and see one of your professors get awarded for what they do best – teaching!
Link: TEA 2011 T1 Nomination Form
2. Nominations for Term 1 are accepted starting now until Monday, November 21st at 5pm
3. Please submit your nominations to the Undergraduate Office (HA 160)

For more information, please email Caroline Yao and Nick Liu at awards@cus.sauder.ubc.ca

Kind regards,

Commerce Undergraduate Society