T40U40 APPLICATIONS ARE DUE IN TWO DAYS! Get your applications in NOW!

The 2012 International Business Conference Top 40 Under 40 Breakfast seeks to bring in the top 40 entrepreneurs within the Canadian Business Community along with a selection of 80 outstanding hand-picked students of the Sauder school of Business together to have an interactive 2:1 breakfast networking session to discuss relevant international issues and develop professional relationships.  Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we would love for you to be a part of our Conference and T40U40 Breakfast. To look at the full list of business delegates attending, please check out: http://ibconference.ca/top-40-under-40-breakfast/. But at a quick glance, you have the chance to have a two hour, 2 on 1 networking session with: Matt Fraser (President & COO, Yyoga), Amielle Lake (Founder & CEO, Tagga Media), Doug Burgogne (Co-founder & CEO, Frogbox)Robe de cocktail mousseline

Applications are due on Nov 9 so don’t miss out on this AMAZING opportunity to learn from Vancouver’s GREATEST!
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