Summer Hiring: SISA

What is SISA?

Sauder International Student Association (SISA) is a CUS service which provides students in the Sauder community to meet each other and learn from each other’s culture. SISA’s mission is to bring students from diverse backgrounds together and establish an open-arms community for those that may be feeling a lil’ bit homesick. We proudly open our events to ALL students, whether you’re domestic or international!

We are hiring for the following executive positions:

  • Vice Chair (1)
  • VP Finance (1)
  • VP Logistics (2)
  • VP External (2)
  • VP Marketing (1)
  • Creative Director (2)

Please view the hiring package here: SISA Hiring Package 2021

The application process details along with role descriptions are available in the Hiring package and the application deadline is May 10th, 2021 at 11:59pm.

Please contact the Chair, Yukta Sethi at if you have any questions!!

Let’s bring unity into diversity!!