Summer Hiring: Awards & Recognition

CUS Awards & Recognition is hiring!!

Do you want to join a team of passionate and talented individuals? Contribute to how certain awards are evaluated? And take part in creating the year end CUS Awards Night Gala? If you’re looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the Sauder Community, we have a variety of roles open for everyone!

We’re currently hiring for:

  • VP Corporate Relations (2)
  • VP Internal/Finance (1)
  • VP Marketing (2)
  • VP Logistics (3)
  • VP Recognition (2)

If you want to know more about the responsibilities and learning outcomes of each executive role, please check out our hiring package here!

By applying, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable experience working towards one of the CUS’s biggest events of the year while contributing your own unique ideas and visions!

In order to apply, please submit a one page resume, and a cover letter answering the following questions: Why do you want to be involved in the CUS? Why do you think you would be an excellent candidate for the position?

Please add any other supplemental documents listed in the hiring package and comply everything into one document PDF with the following naming convention: Awards-FirstNameLastName-Position. Please send your application to Awards & Recognition Co-Chairs Katherine Lew ( and Vickey Ding ( by Tuesday, May 18th 2021 @ 11:59PM.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to reviewing your applications!