Summer Commerce Volunteer Opportunity in Kenya

Global Initiatives for Village Empowerment (GIVE) was founded 5 years ago with a mandate to help villages struggling with AIDS.  Upon that initial visit, we determined that a holistic approach was needed to lift a village out of poverty. As such, we expanded to include four interdisciplinary teams: Economic Development, Health, Nutrition and Education.

The Economic Development team travels to Kanyawegi during the summer, a village in West Kenya.  We are currently recruiting for our final traveller for the summer to continue our projects  in microfinance, a community bank, and financial education.  Responsibilities would include conducting business assessments, evaluating business plans, granting microcredit loans and monitoring the results.  Promoting the community bank and conducting a needs assessment would also be required.

– Must be passionate about volunteering and making a difference
– Must be dedicated and committed
– Must be willing to travel at least 6 weeks
– Positive thinker, motivated
– Previous cultural/travel experience is an asset
– Business knowledge is an asset
Application deadline
April 4.  Please send applications to:

Required documents to apply
1. Resume

2. Cover Letter
Your cover letter should include the following:
  • Why you are interested in GIVE
  • Relevant experience
  • One fundraising idea for GIVE this year
The cover letter can be addressed to Safeena Dhalla.