eProjects Suits Lawyer Panel

Hullo future-entrepreneurs,

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and eProjects has one more event lined up for you. It’s eProjects’s Suits Lawyer Panel event, an informational session not to be missed!

And you may be thinking. Lawyers? What do lawyers have to do with anything, I want to start a business. But see, that’s why you’ll want to be coming to our Suits Lawyer Panel. Because next thing you know, you’ll be leasing your first space, setting up shop and BAM– Stuck in some sort of lawsuit that you could have avoided if you came to eProjects’ Suits Lawyer Panel.

The Lawyer Panel 2012 Event:

  • Features  a panel of  lawyers, specializing in business law, including:
    • Jacob Hojfman
    • Andrei Mincov
    • A panel discussion to cover general FAQs in beginning a business from a legal standpoint
    • Gives you a chance to ask questions and get answers regarding the legal aspects of business

When: November 28th, 2012 5:00-8:00pm
Henry Angus 254, UBC
FREE for members ($10 membership)
RSVP: Here

Check out our facebook event, and take a look at this video to see what others have to say about SUITS!

It’s the last event of the semester, and eProjects is hoping to see you there!