CUS Lockers

Locker Rentals by Term

Locker Rentals

šŸ“¢Ā Register for a CUS Locker to store all your goodies for the exciting new school year, whether it be formal attire for that interview you’re dreading or your lunch for the day, a CUS Locker can store it all!Ā šŸ“¢

Visit the showpass link for more information and to register for your locker before they all run out! The registration fee is $20 (plus fees) per locker for 2019 Term 2 (Jan 6 – Apr 31).

As of January 2017, we have made slight changes to the locker registration process. This change is being made to improve the efficiency of the locker allocation process to students. Starting 2017, all lockers allocated by the CUS will be governed by the CUS Locker Policy.Ā 

Service Council

Lockers in the Henry Angus Building are available for each CUS ServiceĀ line andĀ CUS affiliated club. Only lockers belonging to the aforementioned parties (and confirmed usage granted by the Operations Coordinator) will not have to be cleared out at the end of each term.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Hubert Wong, the Operations Coordinator atĀ