Service Hour Submission Form

If you hold a position under a CUS committee or club, the respective Club President or Service Council Executive will be responsible for keeping track of your service hours and submitting them.

Club Presidents, Service Council Executives, Executive Council, BoD, and MAL will not have to submit their service hours within their executive position.

Up to 30 hours of other volunteer service outside the CUS can be recorded. The individual will be responsible for recorded these service hours here.

For example:
Person A holds a position with the Small Employer GuideIncludes some questions and answers for small employers interested in finding coverge for their business. Awards Night and Recognitions Committee, and volunteers with an organization in their community.

Person A will submit the hours completed for Awards Night and Recognitions Committee to the Chairperson, and submit the hours performed for the community organization online.

The final date for service hours that can be included will be May 31, 2009. Awards Night will be held on April 14 this year.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact