From the elected Board of Directors to the hired Executive Council, Service Council, and Commissions they are the talented people behind the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

Service Council

The Service Council is responsible for running all of the events and services of the CUS.  They are appointed by the Executive Council.  Each Service Council member reports to their respective Vice-President.  Many Service Council members also hire committees responsible for various aspects of their event, conference or service.


Presidential Portfolio


Priscilla Chan

Kassandra Tran
Administrative Director

Pamela Liu & Cheryl Yip
Human Resources Directors

Josh Chan
IT Director

Steven Sam, Aldo Geraldo, & Yen Ching Tan
IT Associates | |

Finance Portfolio


Jenna Leung
Vice-President, Finance

Nicholas On 
Associate Vice-President, Finance

External Portfolio


Harleen Sohi
Vice-President, External Affairs

Cindy Zhao
Associate Vice President, External Affairs

Robyn Noel & Joshua Sacks
Executive Mentorship Program Co-Directors |

Karina Lukianenko & Brandon Tsang
Imprint Co-Chairs |

Vivian Ku
Me Inc. Chair

Eric Jin Cheng & Asiya Merali
National Strategic Consulting Conference Co-Chair

Catherine Li
LGBTQ2+ Student Representative

Gordon Wong
Sexual Violence Prevention Student Coordinator


Internal Portfolio


Joshua Lee
Vice-President, Internal Affairs

Merissa Li
Associate Vice-President, Internal Affairs

Hubert Wong
Operations Coordinator

Jessie Li & Victoria Chung 
Awards Night and Recognitions Co-Chair |

Sandi Yang 
Business Week Chair

Aadim Rajan
Elections Committee Chair

Chelsea Leong 
Sustainability Director


Academic Portfolio


Suprabhe Ballary
Vice-President Academic Affairs

Rose Fraracci 
Associate Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Zain Azhar & Mark Hoang
Commerce Mentorship Program Co-Directors

Jasmine Yeung & Megan Wong
External Conferences Co-Directors

JM Jamet
JDC West Team Captain

Anne Guo
JDC West Junior Development Chair


Marketing Portfolio


Annie Chen 
Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

Kenny Ho
Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

Nancy Tse, Kelly Huang, & Karen Shi
Creative Marketing Directors |

Helena Zhao 
Campus Ambassador Program Director

Anumeet Chepal
Bizzbuzz Editor in Chief

Felix Xia & Jason Huang 
Visual Media Co-Directors |

Jochen Hsia & Candice Lee
Yearbook and Prospectus Co-Editors |


Engagement Portfolio


Jonathan Kim
Vice-President, Engagement

Lily Du & Kristian Oppenheim
Associate Vice-Presidents, Engagement |

Anthony Dy Ning 
First-Year Committee Chair

Carissa Wong 
Commerce Community Program Chair

Simon Roberts

Hamed Tayyebani
Graduation Night Chair

Justin Koh & Richard Jiang
Sauder International Student Association Co-Chairs |

Zachary Hallas & Jagdeep Grewal 
P.O.I.T.S. Co-Chairs |

Bhnisha Sohal
Sauder Sports Chair

Taryn Jessop & Janice Lan
Health and Wellness Committee Co-Chairs |