Service Council Round II Hiring

Round 2 for Services Council is here!

Apply by emailing Angie Yao, with an updated resume and cover letter.  A vision sheet is recommended but optional.

Applications are due Thursday, March 17th,  2011 at 12:00pm. Please find a list of jobs available below.

As per the hiring policy, a pre‐screening process will be conducted by interviewers prior to interviews primarily based on the job descriptions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in Services Council. (For more information, go to

Positions Available:

VP Academic Portfolio

Appointment, Promotions and Tenure

Associate VP Academic

Awards Night & Recognition Coordinator
Case Competition Cordinator
Commerce Mentorship Program
International Student Association of Sauder

Ideas at Zero Dollars

VP Engagement Portfolio
2nd Year Coordinator
Buddy & Exchange Coordinator
Business Week
Commerce Community Programs
Grad Night
Social Coordinator

VP External Portfolio
Alumni Relations Director
Corporate Relations Director
Executive Mentorship Program
External Conferences Coordinator
Ignite! Chair
International Business Conference Chair
Me Inc. Chair
Style and the City Chair
VP Finance Portfolio
Financial Services Director
VP Internal Portfolio
Elections Officer
Internal Affairs Director
Sauder Sports
CUS Sustainability
Yearbook Coordinator

VP Marketing Portfolio

Campus Ambassador
Cavalier Editor
Class Liaison Coordinator
Events and Calendar Director

Merchandising Manager

Prospectus Editor
Sauder Squad Captain
Visual Media Coordinator

Job descriptions can be downloaded here: CUS Round II Service Council Job Descriptions

Note: Job descriptions are not available for all listed positions. Please contact CUS HR Director for more information.