Sauder Squad is Hiring Executives! Application Deadline: March 26th at 11:59pm

What is Sauder Squad?
– An organized group of Sauder students who find innovative and effective ways to promote what’s happening at Sauder; includes conferences, elections, involvement and events.

We provide 3 main services:
1) Wally Booking: Book Wally The Bull, Sauder’s one and only mascot, for unique promotional purposes or as a celebrity guest at your event. If its ballin’, invite Wally.
2) Guerrilla Marketing: Utilize our volunteer team, Wally’s Army, to promote your event using unique guerrilla marketing tactics. These Brand Ambassadors were chosen based on their outgoing personalities and ability to make a scene.
3) Sauder Cheer: We also act as a cheerleading service, we may show up at Sauder sporting events or just hold our own dance party down in CA Hall. (Be forewarned)

Hiring for 4 positions: 
VP Marketing, VP Finance, VP Internal, VP External

VP Marketing
Commitment: 5-10 hrs/week

Roles and Responsibilities:

– Control and administers the Sauder Squad website and social media outlets
– Responsible for creating/printing/posting promotional material upon attending meetings and understanding the team vision for and the promotional vision of the event/conference/promotion
– Attend weekly meetings with the Sauder Squad executive team
– Responsible for writing, editing materials
– Coordinate other volunteers who will assist you in these duties


– Strong written and oral communication skills
– Creativity in writing and creating promotional materials
– Photoshop skills an asset
– Ability to meet deadlines

VP Finance
Commitment: About 5 hrs/week

Roles and Responsibilities:
– Communicate with VP Finance/Financial Services Director of the CUS about Sauder Squad’s budget
– Create Sauder Squad’s budget model with Captain of Sauder Squad and other executive input
– Administer all expenses (receipts) and submits them to AMS Financial Services
– Make operational purchases (food/costumes) for events
– Keep financial records on hand, organized, easily understandable/attainable for online casino executives to discuss and utilize at weekly meetings
– Attend weekly Sauder Squad meetings


– Attention to Detail
– Organized
– Strong communication skills
– Creating and understanding budgets
– Utilizing Excel

VP Internal
Commitment: 5-10hrs/week

Roles and Responsibilities:
– Responsible for booking meetings, rooms, tables, and other internal items
– Take notes at meetings and distributes them to all executives on a regular basis
– Respond to Sauder Squad e-mails at (or forwards them to the captain and/or other appropriate executives for response)
– Maintains g-mail inbox and organizes things into their appropriate mailboxes
– Responsible for maintaining google documents with regards to internal operations (aka. submission forms for Wally Bookings and Guerrilla Marketing Bookings)
– Write up of post-event discussions for further improvement in the future (what worked vs. what needs improvement)
– Responsible for coordinating and organizing volunteers (scheduling, and emailing, and calling etc.)
– Responsible for Hour Submissions
– Attends weekly Sauder Squad meetings


– Organized
– Strong verbal and written communication
– Self-motivated
– Attention to detail

VP External
Commitment: 5-10hrs/week

Roles and Responsibilities:

– Communicate directly with other clubs and CUS members with regards to Sauder Squad’s plans and / or whereabouts
– Assists operations by communicating with others in order to obtain access, clarification or other information
– Brainstorms and provides feedback alongside other executives and assists Captain with event planning
– Room for additional definition of duties and/or tasks when they arise
– Attend weekly Sauder Squad Meetings


– Strong verbal and written communication
– Strong in relationship building / networking
– Interest in event/promotion planning
– Creativity and Innovation

Application Process: 
Please send your resume to with a one page cover letter answering the following question: “What about Sauder Squad are you most passionate about and why?”. Feel free to be creative, keeping Sauder Squad’s mission in mind.

In the subject line please state “Sauder Squad Hiring – Position Name”

Applications will be accepted until Monday, March 26th, 11:59pm

Interviews will take place during the day Friday, March 30 and Saturday March 31