Sauder Squad Hiring 2015/2016

Are you an energetic, bold, and passionate Sauder student? If so, Sauder Squad wants you! Sauder Squad is responsible for making promotional appearances with Wally the Bull before or during CUS affiliated events, while hosting our own seasonal events such as Where’s Wally and Wallentine’s Day.

We are hiring for 3 positions:

Social Media Director (1) – Maintain Wally’s online charisma through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while helping innovate unique marketing campaigns.

Creative Director (1) – Manage Wally’s marketing campaigns and design promotional materials such as posters, videos, and graphics.

Corporate Relations Director (1) – Responsible for contacting and creating connections with various external organizations for sponsorship of events and prizes.

For more information on job descriptions, visit: Sauder Squad Job Descriptions 

To apply:
Email a single PDF to including:

1) A one-page resume of your most relevant experiences
2) A one-page cover letter saying why you want to be a part of the CUS and why you are an excellent candidate for the position.

Applications are due Tuesday, April 21st at 11:59pm.

If you have any questions, send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!