Sauder JDC West | Executive Hiring


We are currently seeking talented individuals in the Sauder community to join the Sauder JDC West 2022 Executive Team. Since this team forms the foundation of the Sauder JDC West program, we are looking for those who will help foster and champion our 2022 core values:


You pride yourself in your work ethic and dedication. Shortcut is not a word in your vocabulary.


You go out of your way to help others. You motivate others to become the best versions of themselves. 


You acknowledge the contributions of those around you and understand that what is achieved together is greater than what can be achieved alone.

For more information on the JDC West 2022 competition visit the JDC West 2022 Official Website.


We are currently offering the following opportunities: 

  1. Vice President of Logistics (1)
  2. Vice President of Finance and Events (1)
  3. Vice President of External (1)
  4. Vice President of Marketing (1)
  5. Vice President of Charity and Outreach (1)

Please see the descriptions listed in the remainder of this hiring package for role-specific details here.

Application Procedure (All applications due by 11:59PM on Thursday, March 11, 2021)

  1. Submit an application form here
  2. Email your resume to 

(If you are applying for the VP Marketing position, please attach any sample work/portfolio which you would like to have considered in your application.)

Disclaimer: As of this moment, the JDC West Organizing Committee has not confirmed whether the 2022 competition will be held online or in-person. Please take this into consideration when applying. We will notify all Sauder JDC West Team Members as soon as the Organizing Committee provides more details.