Sauder JDC West 2017 Debate, Athletic, and Social Hiring

JDC West is the largest business competition in Western Canada, and provides students from 12 of Western Canada’s top universities with the opportunity to compete with each other in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking, and leadership skills. This year, the competition is hosted in Edmonton, Alberta!

Click here ( to apply for any team—there is no maximum or minimum number of teams you can apply for. Make sure to check out the information packages (see below) for more information on each of the disciplines! After filling out the form, please email your resume and unofficial transcript to Jason Dhami at For high level information, view the summaries below. For more robust information, click the hyperlinks within the high level summaries.

Why JDC West?

JDC West’s goal is to assemble the best business students that Western Canadian universities have to offer. With a delegation size of 650 people, JDC West is Western Canada’s largest business conference. It is a three-day event that showcases academics, athletics, debate, and an out-of-the-box social competition while providing students the opportunity to compete in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking, and leadership skills. For each school, points are awarded and accumulated towards their quest of becoming “School of the Year”.

While at its core JDC West is a business competition, we believe it can be much more than that. To Sauder, JDC West is a platform that enables us to empower students to become the best versions of themselves. We work tirelessly to ensure our competitors achieve their version of success, and unless they get there we will have failed as an organization.

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What You’ll Be Doing

DEBATE: 4 spots. For more information, click here (

The debates are held in a format similar to those of the Canadian House of Commons: the Government refers a bill and debate follows about the passage of said bill. Each team of four students—made up of any gender ratio—has 30 minutes to review the proposal before presenting. As it is in parliamentary style, one team is designated Team Government and the other Team Opposition.

ATHLETICS: 8 spots. For more information, click here (

The Athletic teams must be composed of eight players, with a gender ratio no greater than 4:4. During competition weekend, two one-day tournaments will be held. The two sports for the 2017 competition are Korfball and DBL Ball. Further details on the sports and the rulebook can be found in the more information link above.

SOCIAL: 4 spots. For more information, click here (

The Social Competition is intended to instill a respect for work-life balance, teamwork and the importance of organizational culture. Each team of four competitors—two males and two females—are on-call for eight social challenges to be completed in less than 48 hours at any time of day or night during the JDC West competition. As Social Competitors get a very limited amount of sleep during the weekend and have to perform while tired, cold and sore, the competition demands determination, teamwork and creativity unlike any comparable competition. The challenges are known to include athletic and spirit competitions while testing the team’s ability to work together to overcome a variety of obstacles under pressure.

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Athletic Tryouts: September 16th (6-9pm), September 18th (5-8pm), September 19th (7-9pm) at the SRC
Social Tryouts: September 17th (6-10pm) outside Henry Angus
Debate Tryouts: September 19th-21st

Tryouts will be followed by behavioral interviews from the 20th to 22nd, followed by results on the 23rd.

Successful candidates will be required to attend the following sessions:

September 24th: First full-team meeting (6-10:00pm)
September 30th-October 2nd: Team retreat