Sauder Grad is Hiring

Hey all you Fourth years out there!

Want to help your graduating class of 2010? If so, we are hiring for the Grad Committee.

Positions available are:

  • Vice Chairperson: Works under the chairman and helps with any organizational duties, and can act as the chairman’s proxy if need be. Also, second in command.
  • Marketing Director: Handles all duties related to marketing, including publicity to students. Handles any sponsorship opportunities. Also is the Webmaster, responsible for online information posts
  • Dinner Coordinator: Manages all relations with the dinner venue. Arranges catering, decorations, etc…
  • Afterparty Coordinator: Manages all relations with the afterparty venue. Handles all special arrangements with the venue.
  • Budget Manager: Manages the budget. Keeps track playfuddle of all expenses in a general ledger. Helps organize ticket sales.

If any of these positions interest you, please e-mail your resume and a brief cover letter outlining why you would like to be hired for the position and what you will bring to the team. Applicants may apply for more than one position.

Applications are accepted until Sunday Oct. 18th and they can be sent to