Ryerson University's ACHIEVE Case Competition and Conference

Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS) is proud to present the 5th annual ACHIEVE Conference and Competition. ACHIEVE 2013 will also mark the third time the conference will be represented from schools across the country.

ACHIEVE 2013 has been meticulously designed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of industry professionals as well as compete with Canada’s leading and brightest Accounting mobilephonescoop students who are driven to succeed!

This year, casino ACHIEVE 2013 participants will be stimulated with innovative and thought provoking workshops and keynote addresses, executed by leaders from global organizations. Additionally, delegates will partake in one in-depth case study where students will be tested on their knowledge of accounting concepts while engaging and strengthening their skill sets. This conference promises to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding for all participants!

The  competition takes place from January 31st to February 1st, 2013, in downtown Toronto.

Please visit the website to register or to view more information: http://achieve.ruas.ca/

ACHIEVE Informational Poster