Press Release for Resignation of Second Year Representative of CUS 2017/2018 and Third Year Representative of CUS 2018/2019, Angela Dai

CUS Office of Public Relations

Effective immediately, the current Second Year Representative and incoming Third Year Representative Angela Dai has officially resigned from her position on the CUS Board of Directors. Angela has continually taken an active role in the CUS, and has committed an immense amount of time towards ensuring that she goes above and beyond in her role as the voice of her peers. However, due to other opportunities that have arisen, Angela is unable to continue to sustain this level of commitment to the CUS. Nevertheless, the CUS is incredibly appreciative of Angela’s devotion and contributions thus far, and wishes her the best in her endeavours.

The current CUS leadership team, in consultation with the CUS Elections Committee, has decided not to elect a new Second Year Representative to serve for the remaining month of Angela’s term. This will regretfully place the CUS in direct violation of its Constitution, which states that the Board of Directors should always have two Second Year Representatives. However, on account of the election process length, it is not realistic for another representative to be elected in time to attend any board meetings or fulfill any of the responsibilities of the role. Due to the upcoming CUS turnover, a newly elected representative would essentially serve for 10 days, thus the CUS deems electing a new individual into the role as ineffective. For the two Board of Directors Meetings that remain, Angela’s absence will count against our requirement to meet quorum (60% attendance).

As Angela was also elected as the incoming Third Year Representative for the 2018-2019 year, the CUS will call a by-election to appoint a student to the role. An info session regarding the election will take place on March 5th and the All-Candidates Forum will take place on March 19th, with voting to open directly after.


The following is a statement from Angela Dai regarding her time in the CUS:

Dearest CUS and the UBC Sauder community,

Thank you CUS for including me in your community. I’m not the most social person: I’ve never gone to POITS, I still get nervous during networking events (even when I’m a delegate!) and I stumble over my words whenever I open my mouth. But you taught me what community means: moments of belonging, acceptance and growth. I am especially thankful to Daphne Tse for encouraging my growth by challenging me to speak up at Board of Directors’ meetings! You identified that behind my shaky voice, I have an inquisitive mind that challenges the norms in CUS. Your belief in me has created opportunities in my life that I could never imagine.

To you, the reader: there will be times when you have to make a difficult decision—do not rush it. Give yourself the time to evaluate your options and the patience to hear out your subconscious truth, often in the form of a whispering gut feeling. I have always told people to take care of their mental, emotional and physical health by not over-committing and burning out. I knew that if I continued with CUS along with a new opportunity in my life, I would be committing more than I could handle.

Though I will no longer be your year representative, you can still reach out to me—I will always be your warm listener.


Angela Dai