Resignation of CUS VP Finance, Chantelle Formager

Effective immediately, Vice-President Finance Chantelle Fromager has officially resigned from her position on the CUS Executive Council. Chantelle had courteously stepped into the role after the resignation of the former VP Finance in August. However, this role requires an immense amount of time and involvement. With Chantelle’s full-time job, course load, and several prior commitments, she found it difficult to sustain.

Nevertheless, Chantelle has done an outstanding job in her role thus far, and the entire CUS team is incredibly appreciative of her initiative, leadership abilities and contributions to the CUS.

Following Chantelle’s resignation, the current AVP Finance Matthew Yong will take over the VP Finance role. In addition to this, the CUS will be addressing the high turnover associated with this position across the years. The CUS will be doing an in-depth review of the VP Finance role to understand how the position can be restructured and the portfolio can be better supported. One of the first steps in the implementation of this objective is the creation of two AVP Finance positions, for which hiring will be out shortly.

The following is a statement from Chantelle Fromager regarding her time in the CUS:

It saddens me to have to leave my position with the CUS part-way through the year. It has only been two weeks since my resignation and I miss seeing all the beautiful people on the executive council and of course, my FinCom family. Throughout the various positions I have held within the CUS and its service council, I have had nothing but good memories to look back on. When I transferred universities two years ago, the CUS was the perfect opportunity to develop connections with the Sauder community before classes had even started. The friendships made in that first-year volunteering with the CUS truly made the transition and my overall school experience better, simply through the endless support from my second family. This year has probably been one of my toughest for several reasons, but my time on the CUS executive council has proved to be some of the most rewarding, encouraging and inspiring moments. It’s not every day you get a chance to influence change in an organization as impactful on the Sauder community as the CUS, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to do so in my short time here. Although I will not be involved with operations in the new year, I look forward to seeing all the positive change sparked by the CUS and its service council. To all you student leaders out there looking to drive change: consider finding your place in the CUS family tree. I found mine over two years ago and I’m sure glad I did. À bientôt, my babies.


Chantelle Fromager