Register for Habitat for Humanity Build days!

Last year the Commerce Undergraduate Society introduced build days at a Habitat for Humanity site in Burnaby. The response was overwhelming; the experience was unique and rewarding. Join us for a day of giving back to society with your peers and students!

Build days are from 8am to 3pm. We will be having 8 students and 8 alumni Kommer inte tillåta någon tredje part (speciellt, men utan begränsning, några minderåriga) till att, direkt eller indirekt, använda ditt/dina konto som du har i casinot och/eller Poker Rum, använda programvaran eller acceptera priser från casinot och/eller Poker Rum. join us at the build site. You will be required to attend a training session before the build day if this With Aries, Scorpio, Libra, or Capricorn chances of their dream to come true are much higher that with other astrological zodiac signs. is your first time participating in a Habitat for Humanity Build Day. The training day will vary depending on which day you choose to participate in. Food will be provided.

Current build days available:

December 5th
January 9th
March 6th

Students: If you are interested, email:
1. Your name
2. Year
3. Day you are interested in (one per student)
4. Specialization
5. Hobbies


Alumni: If you are interested go to to register.

For more information: