Referendum on Constitutional Ammendments

The CUS Board of Directors has called a referendum to approve a motion to amend the Society’s Constitution. The amendments in question concern the quorum for Board of Directors meetings, issues of impartiality for Directors, and a change in the organization’s turnover date from May to April. The proposed amendments are visible in the attached file.

The CUS Board of Directors has adopted a “yes” position on this referendum, and will be promoting the referendum to the student body. Any student is free to campaign in favour of or against the referendum. If you wish to receive financial support for either, please contact for further details prior to the commencement of the referendum.

The referendum is timed to coincide with the Society’s January elections. Further information is available at

For questions regarding the elections process, contact to reach the CUS’s independent Elections Committee.

To contact the Board of Directors or for questions regarding its position on this matter, contact Board Chair

The file is available here: