PwC’s Personal Brand Week – Your Story. Revealed.

Revealing the best of you begins February 4th.  Personal Brand Week 2013.What is your story?

Your story is who you are and what makes you exceptional. To stand out from the crowd, you need to understand your strengths, talents and skills that make you different from others. Together, they help build your personal brand – your unique promise of value, or what could be referred to as your reputation. From February 4th – 8th, PwC is going help you reveal your story to build a fulfilling and rewarding career.

What will happen during Personal Brand Week?

During – “Personal Brand Week. Your Story. Revealed.”  – you will have an opportunity to use our actionable activities to build and express your personal brand.  You can engage with us through our bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, and even on-campus by attending a skills presentation.
Our informative videos will also provide you with helpful tips, insights and ideas on how to reveal the best of you.

Experience PwC

Connect with us on February 6th from 4pm – 6pm in HA491 and check out our Facebook page