The Board of Directors would like to announce proposed policy changes to the CUS Code of Procedure, regarding elections policies for the upcoming 2020 CUS Elections. The following recommendations have been presented by the Elections Committee to the Board:

Amendment #1: Section 4.05, Subsection C (IV) should be amended to read:

“A signed or electronic copy of the Candidate’s Agreement, binding the candidate to compliance with all relevant Elections procedures and policies.”

Amendment #2: Section 4.06, subsection G should be amended to read:

(G) All campaign material, printed, digital, or otherwise, must be approved by the Elections Committee Chairperson before use and must comply with any and all branding, communications, or visual media guidelines laid out by the Society.

(I) The Elections Committee Chairperson may designate forms of communications material that are exempt from their review prior to publication or may define a reasonable range of media that shall fall under this exemption.

(II) The Elections Committee Chairperson reserves the right to refuse the publication or distribution of any campaign material and require the removal or recall of any material deemed to be unacceptable or inappropriate.

(III) Candidates shall submit all digital and print materials to the Elections Committee Chairperson before being posted and must be marked by a unique stamp demonstrating their approval.

(III) The act of “postering” is forbidden.

  1. Postering is defined as the act of taking a printed material in support of or promoting any particular candidate and attaching it to a surface by using tacks, tape, magnets, staples, and/or other methods.
  2. The only exempted parties from the aforementioned policy is the Society or the Elections Committee of the Society, as approved by the Board of Directors or the Executive Council. These two parties are allowed to engage in “postering” in order to inform the Society’s membership that an election or election-related event is taking place.

(IV) The Elections Committee Chairperson shall determine a maximum number of posters to be allowed per candidate, with such a limit being set no less than twenty (20) and no greater than forty (40) letter-sized papers.

(a) Posters may only be affixed to dedicated bulletin board spaces and may not overlap any other posted materials.

(b) Each candidate may attach a maximum of four (4) letter-sized posters to each bulletin board.

(IV) Campaign materials shall not be added or changed without approval from the Elections Committee Chairperson.

(a) The Elections Committee Chairperson may, at their discretion, specify a time during the campaigning period where candidates may resubmit digital or print materials for approval.

(V) The distribution of leaflets is forbidden.

(a) Leaflets are defined as printed or handwritten pieces of paper of various sizes, sometimes folded, containing any information or advertisement intended for physical distribution to multiple persons.

Amendment #3: Section 4.06, subsection K should be amended to read:

(K) The Society shall make no prohibitions on the rights of its members to endorse candidates for office.

(a) For the above purpose, an “endorsement” is defined as any sort of public declaration that states, implies, or suggests support for one candidate over another.

(b) Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council are encouraged to promote any Elections related material, but it must be general in nature.

(i) For the above purpose, “general” is defined as anything that is not specific to one candidate. For example, if a material states “vote Candidate X for X,” members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council cannot interact with that material. However, if the material states “Come to the All Candidate’s Forum,” members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council are allowed to and encouraged to interact with the material.

Amendment #4: Section 4.08, subsection A should be amended to read:

(A) The voting period shall be between twenty-four (24) and seventy-two (72) hours in duration and shall begin immediately upon completion of the campaign period.

The amendments were passed following both a unanimous vote of the Elections Committee and the Board of Directors at the November 15th, 2019 meeting. Pursuant to the Code of Procedure, this notice shall stand as communication to the Society and 48-hours notice of the proposed changes. If no objections to the new policy are received by Wednesday, November 27th at 11:59pm, this policy shall take effect.

If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors Dante Agosti-Moro at or to the CUS Ombudsperson Chantal Despres at

Note as of January 7th: The Elections Administrator has requested the Board suspend Article 4, Section 5, Subsection B of the Code of Procedure: “The Elections Committee Chairperson shall announce the deadline for all nominations at least seven (7) days prior to the determined date”, to allow for a six-day nomination period this elections cycle. The rationale for the decision was to allow CUS elections to meet the timeline set out by the Alma Mater Society and the University regarding Senator elections. The Board passed this motion conditional on there being no objections from the general membership of the Society. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this change, please reach out to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors Dante Agosti-Moro at or to the CUS Ombudsperson Chantal Despres at by 11:59pm on January 20th, 2020.