Professor Nominations for Awards Night and Recognitions

The Teaching Excellence Award is a great way to recognize the professors who are providing the unique Sauder experience in the classroom. Do you have the best professor for a commerce course? Fill out a nomination form today and see one of your professors get awarded for what they do best: teaching!

Nomination deadline: Friday, November 20th |  5pm | Awards Night and Recognitions Mailbox

TEA 2009 Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CUS Awards Night?
Every year, students at Sauder put in tremendous amounts of time and effort into clubs, conferences, and events to enrich the students’ experience. Awards Night recognizes these contributions to the CUS by hosting an annual, year-end banquet.

Who is invited to this event?
Approximately 250 students will be invited to this prestigious event based on the quality and quantity of their service to the CUS and the UBC community.

What hours can be submitted?
All voluntary service hours performed within the CUS can be submitted.  Up to 30 hours/academic year of voluntary service performed within UBC will be counted.  All service hours must be verifiable.

Where do I submit my service hours?
To be anounced.

Who gets an award?
Everyone who receives an invitation to Awards Night will be given an award.

How would I know whether or not I am invited?
An invitation will be sent out to eligible students two weeks prior to the event, held on April 14, 2010.

How much are the tickets? (Will I be fed?)
This event is free for invited students, and there will be a fantastic dinner served at one of Vancouver’s top hotels.