Proctorio Update

What was the motion passed in the Senate?

As of March 17th, the Senate directed the faculties to immediately restrict the use of remote invigilation tools that “involve automated recording and algorithmic analysis of data captured during invigilation,” (i.e. Proctorio). Programs like Zoom and LockDown Browser are still permitted because they do not involve the algorithmic analysis of data. The only exception for this directive is in cases where a course requires the use of “remote proctoring software” by an external accreditation body.

What does this mean for Commerce Students?

For students enrolled in the BCom program, virtually all courses do not meet the requirements for the use of Proctorio. For the upcoming finals season you can expect all exams to utilize lockdown browser, Zoom invigilation or no proctoring method at all (open book).

Who should you reach out to if you have questions about the use of Proctorio?

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of Proctorio in your classroom please visit the following link or contact any of the following: