From the elected Board of Directors to the hired Executive Council and Service Council, they are the talented people behind the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

Meet the People

Executive Council

The Executive Council oversees the Service Council and operational strategy of the organization. The Executive Council currently comprises six Vice-Presidents (selected and appointed by the Board of Directors) and the elected President and Ombudsperson. Each of the Vice-Presidents and the President selects, appoints and manages a portfolio of Service Council members. The Executive Council is responsible for approving new initiatives, approving budgetary amendments and overseeing and managing the daily functioning of the CUS and all of its’ members. The Executive Council holds weekly meetings during the school year and bi-weekly meetings over the summer; please feel free to review the Meetings and Minutes tab for access to the relevant scheduling information.




Evan Zhou President Ajit Joseph Vice-President Finance Priscilla Choi Vice-President External Kelvin Tsai Vice-President Internal Katherine Pan Vice-President Academic Veronica Vivero Vice-President Marketing Maggie Yip Vice-President Engagement Snigdha Bhardwaj Ombudsperson




Daphne Tse President Chantelle Fromager Vice-President Finance Stanley Yu Vice-President External Phoebe Wong Vice-President Internal Sapnil Mohanty Vice-President Academic Evan Zhou Vice-President Marketing Chris Bolton Vice-President Engagement Maddie Zapach Ombudsperson




Jennifer Zhen President Matthew Anderson Vice-President Finance Shiv Vashisht Vice-President External Ryan Crasta Vice-President Internal Sam Wong Vice-President Academic Amy Du Vice-President Marketing Adrian Francis Vice-President Engagement Taryn Jessop Ombudsperson




Vanessa Lau President Taylor Carter Vice-President Finance Amanroop Rosode Vice-President External Frederick Wong Vice-President Internal Vadim Chernenko Vice-President Academic Jennifer Zhen Vice-President Marketing Alex Lee Vice-President Engagement Juvan Huoang Ombudsperson




Niloufar Keshmiri President Jordan Hearne Vice-President Finance Ben Gardiner Vice-President External Hannah Vandenberg Vice-President Internal Thea Simpson Vice-President Academic Vanessa Lau Vice-President Marketing Will Pigott Vice-President Engagement Grace Kim Ombudsperson




Sean Fleming President Lorenzo Babini Vice-President Finance Jasmine Yeh Vice-President External Thea Simpson Vice-President Internal Niloufar Keshmiri Vice-President Academic Benjamin Chen Vice-President Marketing Vacant Vice-President Engagement Tom Tang Ombudsperson




Jack Leung President Cindy Lynn Vice-President Finance David Pratt Vice-President External Claire Eagle Vice-President Internal Joey Young Vice-President Academic Riley Chow Vice-President Marketing Sean Fleming Vice-President Engagement Jasmine Jan Ombudsperson




Johannes Rebane President David Lam Vice-President Finance Andrea Yeung Vice-President External Julie Li Vice-President Internal Dylan Callow Vice-President Academic Christopher MacDonald Vice-President Marketing Sara Hladun Vice-President Engagement Aldora Chong Ombudsperson




Connor McGauley President Michael Wang Vice-President Finance Jack Leung Vice-President External Sharlene Cheu Vice-President Internal Jeff Geng Vice-President Academic Paulina Aksenova Vice-President Marketing Niki Babic Vice-President Engagement Jesse Xin Ombudsperson




Laura Silvester President Travis Kang Vice-President Finance Uvini Lokuge Vice-President External Connor McGauley Vice-President Internal Chris Ho Vice-President Academic Johnny Lee Vice-President Marketing Kristin Shearer Vice-President Engagement Kelly McRae Ombudsperson




Spencer Rocky President Josh Wood Vice-President Finance Alex Monegro Vice-President External Margaret Curran Vice-President Internal Johannes Rebane Vice-President Academic Robert Winston Vice-President Marketing Ada Juristovski Vice-President Second Year Kendra Roberts Vice-President First Year Laura Silvester Senator Jenn Lai Ombudsperson




Conor Topley President Kenley Tam Vice-President Finance Jia Lei Vice-President External Constance Fawsitt Vice-President Internal Benjamin Mak Vice-President Academic Brian Wong Vice-President Marketing Cole Nakatani Vice-President Second Year Cathy Han Vice-President First Year Paul Aulakh Senator




Mike Woodward President Gary Wong Vice-President Finance Connie Guo Vice-President External Monica Polonis Vice-President Internal Paul Moore Vice-President Academic Kei Yamaguchi Vice-President Marketing Adam Martin Vice-President Second Year Victor Chan Vice-President First Year Kerry Liu Senator Kevin Balwinson Ombudsperson




Abby Ong President Kevin Chan Vice-President Finance Mike Woodward Vice-President External Louisa Lun Vice-President Internal Jenny Ma Vice-President Academic Sean Wilson Vice-President Marketing Victor Chan Vice-President First Year Mike Tung Senator Ariel Laver Ombudsperson




Jeff Potter President




Jennifer Lo President Zanim Noorani Vice-President Finance Surina Sproul Vice-President External Allyn Fong Vice-President Internal Maxine Xu Vice-President Academic Marissa Adams Vice-President Marketing Jeff Potter Vice-President Second Year Kerry Liu Vice-President First Year Kelsey Blevings Senator Kelsey Burnett Ombudsperson




Mariko Takeuchi President Lindsay Skinner Vice-President Finance Jeff Veldhuizen Vice-President External Brian Duong Vice-President Internal Kelly Chan Vice-President Academic Kathleen Drennan Vice-President Marketing Hanson Ng Vice-President Second Year Viv Sze Vice-President First Year Derek Jones Senator Erika Reilly Ombudsperson




Mike Lee President Andrew Gordey Vice-President Finance Daryl Bosa Vice-President External Chris Beccenko Vice-President Internal Mary Sie Vice-President Academic Derek Jones Vice-President Marketing Edison Chua Vice-President Second Year Brian Duong Vice-President First Year Wesley Tong Senator Geoff Kwan Ombudsperson




Rosalin Wang-Foong President Mike Lee Vice-President Finance Maryam Saeidi Vice-President External Jay Amoui Vice-President Internal Vivien Ng Vice-President Academic Mariko Takeuchi Vice-President Second Year Tiffany Chung Senator Bill Dunlop Ombudsperson