From the elected Board of Directors to the hired Executive Council and Service Council, they are the talented people behind the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

Meet the People

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of elected individuals responsible for maintaining the direction of the Commerce Undergraduate Society. Formed in 2009, the Board fosters a long-term strategy and maintain this strategy and the general mission of the CUS. It currently comprises eight year representatives, a representative for the UBC Senate and two representatives to the Alma Mater Society, as well as the President and Ombudsperson, both of which also sit on the Executive Council and the former of which is the CUS’s third AMS representative. One member also doubles as the Chairperson. The Board also approves the annual CUS budget and budgetary amendments while continually evaluating all CUS activities. There are many committees within the Board responsible for maintaining and streamlining larger topics such as budgeting and policy development, all of which include members-at-large and Executives. The Vice-Presidents of the Executive Council are selected and appointed by the Board to carry out day-to-day operations of the CUS. Board meetings occur once a month; please contact the Administrative Director for more details. All members of the CUS are welcome to attend. Please see “Meetings and Minutes” for agenda information.




Evan Zhou President Priscilla Chan Commerce Student Senator and Chairperson of Board of Directors Snigdha Bhardwaj Ombudsperson Jacqueline Wu AMS Representatives Victor Yap and Jacob Kim Fourth-Year Representatives Jessica Jiang and Suprabhe Ballary Third-Year Representatives Brandon Jao and Jenna Leung Second-Year Representatives TBA First-Year Representatives




Daphne Tse President Michael Pratt Commerce Student Senator and Chairperson of Board of Directors Maddie Zapach Ombudsperson Simran Cheema and Julien Hart AMS Representatives Mattew Chiu and AJ Jha Fourth-Year Representatives Jacob Kim and Victor Yap Third-Year Representatives Angela Dai and Erwin Hsiung Second-Year Representatives Caryssa Kim and Sanjay Khemani First-Year Representatives




Jennifer Zhen President Daphne Tse Commerce Student Senator and Chairperson of Board of Directors Taryn Jessop Ombudsperson Ryan Kamimura & Namdar Shafiei AMS Representatives Allistair Tan & Kevin Han Fourth-Year Representatives Matthew Chiu & Sapnil Mohanty Third-Year Representatives Hilton Nguyen & Evan Zhou Second-Year Representatives Ethan Tam & Suraj Varma First-Year Representatives




Vanessa Lau President Tyler Tanaka Commerce Student Senator Juvan Huoang Ombudsperson Katherine Pan & Lisa Mah AMS Representatives Ben Gardiner & Justin Chan Fourth-Year Representatives Debbie Pai Third-Year Representatives Michael Worthington Third-Year Representatives Daphne Tse Second-Year Representatives and Chairperson of Board of Directors Ryan Crasta Second-Year Representatives Allison Cheng & Rita Kim First-Year Representatives




Niloufar Keshmiri President Cole Leonoff Commerce Student Senator and Chair Grace Kim Ombudsperson Lauren Telford & Vadim Chernenko AMS Representatives Harpal Kandola & Julian Ertelt Fourth-Year Representatives Casey Chen & Murat Suyumbayev Third-Year Representatives Alex Lee & Christopher Heathcote-Rey Second-Year Representatives Rachel Chan & James Lau First-Year Representatives




Sean Fleming President Cole Leonoff Commerce Student Senator and Chair Tom Tang Ombudsperson John Lee & Lauren Telford AMS Representatives Graeme Nixon & William Pigott  Fourth-Year Representatives Tony Han & Maria Fung Third-Year Representatives Ben Gardiner & Mark Sha Second-Year Representatives Vadim Chernenko & Christopher Heathcote-Rey First-Year Representatives




Jack Leung President Rameez Al Aghbar Chairperson Enzo Woo Senator Jasmine Jan Ombudsperson Michelle Ho AMS Representative Sara Hladun & Rameez Al Aghbar Fourth-Year Representatives Alexandra Lam & Sifat Hasan Third-Year Representatives Quinn Blunderfield & Joanna Zhu Second-Year Representatives Mark Sha & John Lee First-Year Representatives




Johannes Rebane President Graham Russell Speaker Jack Leung Senator Aldora Chong Ombudsperson Tim Tong AMS Representative Klazina van den Berg & Anna Kouzovleva Fourth-Year Representatives Lilian Hsieh & Mandy Cheung Third-Year Representatives Enzo Woo & David Huynh Second-Year Representatives Armin Rezaiean-Asel & Emmett Lee First-Year Representatives




Connor McGauley President Pia Ghosh Speaker Chad Embree Senator Jesse Xin Ombudsperson Dylan Callow AMS Representative Tom Dvorak & Lucas Lemanowicz & Michelle Wang Fourth-Year Representatives Pia Ghosh & Prina Packchigar & Michael Moll Third-Year Representatives Tim Tong & Moses Gatonye & Daria Panteleeva Second-Year Representatives Veronica Cho & Nikolay Mal’tsev & Jordan Huang First-Year Representatives Paulina Aksenova & Niki Babic Executive Council Representatives Negar Amiri & Lisa Andrews & Laura Brand Service Council Representatives




Laura Silvester President Thato Makogolane Speaker Ben Cappellacci Senator Kelly McRae Ombudsperson Ekaterina Dovjenko AMS Representative Chad Embree & Kira Pirani & Azim Wazeer Fourth-Year Representatives Thato Makgolane & Paul Davidescu & Robert Li Third-Year Representatives Pia Ghosh & Stas Pavlov & Vincent Tse Second-Year Representatives Griffon Hamilton & Daniel Kong & Khalil Kassam First-Year Representatives Uvini Lokuge & Kristin Shearer Executive Council Representatives Dylan Callow & Alina Mustafina & Melissa Mills Service Council Representatives Tina Peng Clubs Council Representative