Press Release: Unite for Diversity and Equality

Dear students,

The recent days have been difficult. The events we witnessed from the United States have left us shocked and in grief. On behalf of the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society, we are writing to extend our support by condemning anti-black racism. As student leaders, it is our responsibility to speak out when lives are threatened. We share the concerns from demonstrators across the world, including the ones here in Vancouver. 

Hateful behaviour, racial oppression, and injustice are absolutely unacceptable. We recognize the pain of those deeply affected. We remind all students that diversity and inclusion are fundamental values in our community. Each of us is responsible for ensuring racism and discrimination does not occur. 

The strive for equality and diversity is an ongoing commitment within our community – and all actions that fall short of this, are intolerable. The CUS will be reaching out to the UBC Equity & Inclusion office to discuss educational and engagement opportunities. We are all in this together and must progress in our journey collectively in achieving an accepting environment where each and every one of us can have a sense of belonging and voice. We must listen, learn and discuss respectfully with each other. 

Thank you for engaging in a movement for the better change. We strongly encourage you to visit the Black Lives Matter page to learn more. To the members of our community who need assistance during these difficult times, please visit the resources below: 

In solidarity, 
Sanjay Khemani, President
Parth Sehtiya, Ombudsperson
Anthony Dy Ning, Vice-President Internal Affairs
Eric Jin Cheng, Vice-President Finance
Eric Wu, Vice-President External Affairs
Karina Lukianenko, Vice-President Student Engagement 
Kristian Oppenheim, Vice-President Academic Affairs
Victor Wu, Vice-President Marketing & Communications

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