POITS is Hiring!

Do you love Sauder? Do you love Beer? How about Sauder and Beer together?

Your favourite Sauder team is looking to hire for the 2017/18 year!

We’re looking for outgoing, creative, fun-loving, and relatively responsible Sauder students to join Sauder’s most lit service. You know you’ll be at the events anyways, so why not join our team and pick up a position for that empty volunteer section on your resume? You might just gain some skills too. Skills like: event planning, organization, and communication. Not to mention the belligerent networking with classmates and TAs as you hand them an ice cold beverage.

We are hiring:
– Vice Chair (1)
– Finance Coordinator (1)
– Marketing Coordinator (1)
– Logistics Team (3)

Job Descriptions can be found here

Must be 19+

If you have any questions, feel free to email Ryan at ryan.beach@alumni.ubc.ca


Applications due by Monday April 10th at 11:59pm

Submit the following to Ryan Beach at ryan.beach@alumni.ubc.ca:
– An email with your name and the position(s) you’re applying for in the subject line (eg: Ryan Beach- POITS Director)
– Briefly explain why you want to be on the POITS team.
– What previous experiences do you have that make you think you can add something extra to the POITS team?
– Tell me your drink of choice and your wildest/funniest/weirdest adventure, experience, or night out.
– Attach a one page resume outlining your most relevant experiences.