POITS IS HIRING – 2020/2021

Ready to be a part of Sauder’s favourite and longest-running tradition? Looking for the best way to get involved and boost your resume all while cracking a cold one in CPA hall? Need something to look forward to post lockdown?

POITS is hiring for the 2020-2021 academic year! We are looking for outgoing, creative, and mildly competent students to make Sauder’s favorite beer gardens even better. This will be a big year following months of doing nothing but sleeping, eating and watching Netflix, so make sure you’re a part of it. Who knows, you might even learn a valuable skill like event planning or Facebook marketing in the process.

We are hiring:

Applications due by 11:59 PM Sunday, April 26

If you have any questions, contact Ben Walter at ben.walter@cus.ca

Submit the following to Ben Walter at ben.walter@cus.ca:

An email with your name and the position(s) you’re applying for in the subject line (ex: Lebron James – VP Finance) and the following…

  • Briefly explain why you want to be on the POITS team.
  • What previous experiences do you have that make you think you can add something extra to the POITS team?
  • Tell me your drink of choice and your wildest/funniest/weirdest adventure, experience, or night out.
  • Attach a one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences.

Must be 19+ and able to obtain your Serving It Right certification (will be reimbursed)