Picture Change

The Passion Project is a student driven initiative at UBC that aims at encouraging students to pursue their passions. We connect these passions to creating local and global changes in the world. We have been able to commit over $1200 to organizations from the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to Imagine1day through previous passion project events.

This coming Monday February 28 at the Ladha Centre, we will be hosting our next passion project, Picture Change. We are inspiring social change through photography. Eight UBC students from all disciplines will come together to showcase their work and support worthy causes. In addition, we will be featuring presenters and established photographers Ryan Gauvin and Jonathan Taggart, and presenting three photography workshops.

Tickets are 10 and proceeds go towards the Terry Fox Foundation, EMBERS, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Room to Read, KIVA, the Nairobi Greenline Initiative, and the SPCA.

For further details please visit us at www.thepassionproject.wordpress.com or contact us at passionproj@gmail.com