Sauder Health and Wellness


Sauder Health & Wellness (HeWe) strives to enhance Sauder students’ health and wellbeing with various healthy, fun, and engaging events throughout the year. From helping students de-stress to providing nutritious activities, this committee believes in the benefits of building a strong community and maintaining a balanced lifestyle!

Key Services:

We host events and services that promote health and wellness in three areas:

  1.     Nutrition: educate and deliver healthy nutritious activities and workshops
  2.     Wellbeing: help student reduce their stress from school and work
  3.     Community: help student build and form a community and social support


September – HeWe Eats
October – Pumpkin Carving, HeWe Eats
November – Buddha Bowls Workshop, HeWe Eats December – Exam Care Packages
January – Boardgames Night, HeWe Eats
February – Paint Night, HeWe Eats
March – Bunny Yoga, HeWe Eats
April – Exam Care Packages