Jacob Kim

Jacob represents the interests of third year and above BCom students in making CUS governance decisions like policy and budget concerns.

About Jacob

Jacob Kim is a sensible, good humoured, and lively individual currently pursuing his studies in the third year. Hardworking and dedicated, he has dreams and aspirations of becoming a Korean Idol. Jacob is dedicated to creating a positive impact upon his fellow students, and will stop at nothing as the third year representative to make it happen.

Jacob loves exploring the outdoors, exercising, and having fun with his fellow peers. Apart from hobbies which include singing and dancing, Jacob has involved himself in organizations such as Enactus UBC, and the CUS. Most recently he has involved himself in the foundation of a project called Autism Works Entrepreneurship.

Jacob has chosen to join the CUS because he has a passion for helping people. Working to create a sense of community is something he has always loved, and to him, it is more of a fun challenge than it is a chore. Overall, Jacob will dedicate his time and energy to helping others not just because it is his responsibility to, but because he truly wants to.

Goals for the year:

  • Be a strong median between the student body and the CUS
  • Be a strong listener and a shoulder for all students to trust and rely on
  • Work to bring about a lasting sense of community between students
  • Adhere to and resolve any issues that students bring up