Victor Yap

As the 3rd Year Representative on the Board of Directors for the Commerce Undergraduate Society, Victor is responsible for interacting with his peers, bringing their concerns to attention, and addressing their needs in order to provide the best value to the CUS body.

About Victor

Victor is a 3rd year transfer student specializing in Finance and Business Technology Management. He is quite an experienced student with a degree in Human Kinetics at UBCO and has gone on exchange to the University of Birmingham through that degree. His home town is Kelowna, where he has lived for over 20 years. He’s had tons of experience in the medical field volunteering on multiple mission trips, working in doctors clinics, and volunteering at multiple hospitals for over 9 years. Interests include racquet sports, concerts, music (piano & guitar), fitness & well-being, and technology.

Victor enjoys staying active through sports, the gym, and outdoor activities. You can also find him cooking & eating, attending concerts, and at conferences, workshops, and other Sauder events. He’s currently the Partnerships Director of the UBC Biztech Network, board representative of the Engagement Portfolio, and part of the UBC Tennis Circle, UBC Badminton Club, and UBC Premed Club.

He chose to join the CUS to become more closely integrated with the Sauder community. Also, he wanted to contribute and give back, since volunteering has always been an integral part of his life. Lastly, Victor heard of the great past experiences of previous CUS members and how the CUS can improve the experiences of all students.

Goals for the year:

One of his goals is to improve the experience for incoming transfer students as I know first hand what it feels like, and know what could be improved upon. He also wants to increase awareness of the CUS and the services that they provide. Lastly, Victor wants to engage with his year and be able to stay in tune with everyone, in order to be the best year representative possible.