Organizing Support for Charity (OSC)

Do you want to give back to YOUR community?

Organizing Support for Charity (OSC) is a student-initiated endeavour founded at the University of British Columbia. Formed in July of 2008, its roots stemmed from a group of individuals with a passion to give back to the community.

At the beginning of every year, OSC chooses a new local charity – one different from previous years and preferably focused on helping the community – to lend its support to. Throughout the year, OSC organizes events in order to promote awareness of this charity, and help spread its message to the community. The money generated from these events is in turn donated back to the charity at the end of the year. Past partner charities include Gather and Give, Quest food exchange, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project.

OSC is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team! If interested, please visit or email for more information.”