October 14th Board of Directors Meeting Summary

VP Internal Affairs Phoebe recently facilitated the Clubs Round Table Discussion as part of an initiative to strengthen relations between the CUS and it’s affiliated clubs. President Daphne Tse has contributed by offering to attend CUS affiliated-club meetings and be more accessible to improve processes. In an effort to have more consistency of updates and actionable with board members, an additional Board of Director’s meeting will take place after the Executive Council meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone is welcome to attend! AMS Rep Simran brought up the issue of CLC usage, and how these study spaces in Sauder are often taken up by non-commerce students. However, the CLC is technically a UBC library, therefore this space is available to any UBC Students, but room-bookings can be more monitored to ensure they are allotted to strictly commerce students. Next Board of Director’s meeting to be held November 19th at 2:00PM. Hope to see you all there!