If you are on co-op this semester and are waiting for your CUS co-op refund of $100 a term, please note that the Vice-President of Finance is currently working with the AMS Finance Department to process the refund. It will most likely be issued through e-transfer, but the official channel will be confirmed by email when the amounts are ready to be sent out. As for those who have not yet received their Winter Term 1 co-op refund amounts yet, you should have received an email detailing the collection process at the AMS Nest a while back. The directions to the AMS Finance Office are as follows:

  • 3rd floor of AMS Nest, leftmost side from elevators, rightmost side from the staircase, go to the cashier window on the right hand side FROM 12PM TO 4:30PM Monday through Friday
  • Give your first and last name, the amount that you are picking up, and state that it is for CUS Co-op refunds.

Should you have any questions or would like to check that you qualify for the refund, please contact the CUS Vice-President of Finance, Jenna Leung, at