Nominate Staff and Faculty for Exceptional Service!

1. CUS Inspirational Award

What: The purpose of the award is to recognize any service above and beyond what is required of them for Sauder or the CUS.  Any staff members from the UGO, BCC or Dean”s Office are eligible.

Nomination Process: Please submit 100-500 words explaining why the nominee deserves to win by March 14th 11:59 pm to

2. Len Henriksson Award

What: The Len Henriksson Award is given Dear Livitician,My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and we have some concerns about an over-the-counter detox/nutritional Creatine that we are taking. to a Faculty of Commerce professor who fosters an engaging, dynamic learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. Immersed in academic and extracurricular student initiatives, nominees for thisaward are always providing advice and support to others. This award differs from the Teaching Excellence Award, in that it considers a professor’s extracurricular involvement, in addition to teaching ability.

Nomination Process: Please submit the attached nomination form to the UGO (HA 160) by March 14th at 4 pm.

CUS Len Henriksson Award 2011 Nomination Form