New Opportunity! Introducing the Sauder Survival Guide!!

Hi Sauderites!! Second year Sauder student James Shaw, with the assistance and support of the CUS Executive Council, has initiated a fabulous new project that we want all of you to be a part of!!

We are proud to introduce to you the “First Year Survival Guide” Project, an effort to gather hundreds of helpful tips and hilarious stories from current and alumni Sauder students that will be congregated into a guide for first years and transfer students. The goal is to provide Getting life insurance through the the marketplace is as easy as applying for a plan, finding out if you qualify for subsidies and then comparing competing health plans. new students with a handy and brilliant guide book that will provide navigation through the rough wilderness of the Sauder academic and social scene. Submissions will fall under the subject headings “Personal/Social”, “Academic”, “Extracurricular”, “Transfer Students”, and “International Students”, with a glossary at the end. We are hoping to mix both essential and humorous information together, to make the guide as engaging as possible.

Therefore, we are looking for graphic designers, writers, and “wish I had known” submissions from all students who want to provide some insight to these new students. If you are submitting a personal story, you can choose to have it signed “anonymous”. We will be notifying all students whose submissions get picked for the final print.

Please click this link for the Graphic Designer and Writer/Editor job descriptions:

First Year Survival Guide