Meet your newly elected Board of Directors members!

After the September 2020 elections, the UBC Sauder undergraduate students have elected new members onto the Board of Directors. For the results of the Presidential and Third Year Representative positions, please click here. For the results of the First Year Representatives, please click here.

Kristian Oppenheim- President

Fun Fact: I have performed in 25 theatre productions!

Interests/Hobbies: Piano, Voice, Golf and Bartending

One word description: Optimistic. In everything that I do, I try to pursue it with an optimistic mind set. I believe that optimism helps us spark positivity and kindness. 

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to all of the major CUS conferences this year. The student leaders in charge of them have done a terrific job transferring them onto an online platform.

Goals for the student body: My four major goals for the student body are Online Engagement, Academic Advocacy, Consent Culture and Professional Development.

Irem Atalay- 3rd Year Rep

Fun fact: I prefer rain over sunshine

Interests/hobbies: Running & photography

One word that describes me: Proactive because I prefer taking action over staying indifferent

Things I am looking forward to this year: Increase online social activity, not only academic. Make sure people know their opinions matter during online school terms.

Goals for student body: Same as things I am looking forward to

Jasmin Singh- First Year Rep

Fun Fact: One of my family’s annual rituals is to reunite during the Christmas holidays and dedicate one day to service. Exploring the diversity present among each destination has facilitated and expanded the growth of one of my true passions: giving back.

Interest/Hobbies: Writing: As it fosters our ability to express and refine our ideas to others and ourselves.  Dancing: I began dancing competitively at the age of 5 and have learned numerous styles including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary and musical theatre.  Field Hockey: I served as captain of my provincial level field hockey team. Public Speaking: I have competed in both English and French public speaking competitions.

One word that describes me: Compassionate  I bring awareness to current world issues and I have a genuine desire to take action in order to relieve suffering of those around me. I have dedicated countless hours of community service to my local hospital, homeless shelter and political party campaign. Most recently, I founded Elderlift with my two older brothers. ElderLift is a non-profit organization that provides a free, safe, grocery delivery service to vulnerable citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking Forward To This Year: I am keen to connect with students from a plethora of backgrounds and learn from them through their unique life experiences, perspectives and ambitions.

Goals: Ensure Student Engagement: I will host weekly zoom hangouts where first year students can converse and get to know one another. Foster Unity Amongst Sauder Students: I hope to develop and relay information from first year students to the board of directors with confidence and enthusiasm. Understand Your Voice: I will incorporate all your suggestions and desires into my final objective and encourage you all to contact me, at any point.

Jason Liao- First Year Rep

Fun facts about me: 1. I love learning new languages, despite being quite terrible at it. I can speak both English and Chinese, and I’ve been trying to pickup Russian and Spanish – with no particular success. 2. I can cook a mean bowl of fried rice (the trick is to mix the rice with eggs and add a little bit of sesame oil) 3. I’m a fan of every genre of music. (Even country)

Interests/Hobbies: I grew up doing karate and played both basketball and volleyball in high school. I’m also a huge Roman history buff, so if you ever want to distract me for a couple of hours, a great tactic is to ask me about my thoughts on Caesar’s conquests in Gaul.

Describe myself in one word: I’m a fighter. My dad grew up in a small countryside in China and managed to claw his way out and make a living for himself in Canada. I don’t have half his talent for math and science, but I like to think that we share the same tenacity. It’s also an apt description considering my background in the Martial Arts.

Things I’m looking forward to this year: Meeting everyone! That’s probably the most cliche thing to say, but I think we all could use some extra friends in the Zoom era. If we find each other in a breakout room, class, or even party together, please say hi!

Goals for the student body: This is definitely going to be ‘unique’ year, so I hope my work at the CUS will help impart a positive connotation on that statement. I’m aiming to accomplish this by making CUS grant and funding opportunities accessible to student projects and startups. Many of us came to business school because we wanted to learn how to lead and innovate, and I think that investing in student endeavours is the best way to empower this goal.