Me Inc. Conference 2016 Directors Hiring!

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Hello beauties! If there’s anything we love more than the color orange, it’s passionate, fun, and hard-working people. And now that we are building the new 2016 Me Inc. Conference executive team, we need people like you!

Over the course of the year, you will be working with 16 other awesome individuals committed to bringing Sauder 2 workshops and one ultimate conference dedicated to help students from all years explore their career options, get in touch with their inner compass, and develop networks in different specializations.

Work may be important, but we have a lot of fun and by the end of it all, we’re pretty much a family. There’s nothing quite like it and we can’t wait for you new oranges to join us.

We are hiring 8 executive members to fill the following positions:
-Vice Chairperson
-Director of Internal Relations
-Director of Finance and Logistics
-Director of Marketing (x2)
-Director of External Relations (x2)
-Director of Corporate Relations

3 Steps to Apply
1. Find the job descriptions in our hiring package:

2. Fill out the application form here:

3. Don’t forget to also send your resumes to (in PDF format titled “FirstChoicePosition_LastName_FirstName.pdf”)

Make sure you’ve boarded our plane by April 19th at 2:59 PM PST. No orange gets left behind!
We’ll be getting back to you about interviews shortly in the following days!


CUS Job Description Director of Corporate Relations

CUS Job Description Director of External Relations

CUS Job Description Director of Financial and Logistics

CUS Job Description Director of Internal Relations

CUS Job Description Director of Marketing

CUS Job Description Vice-Chairperson